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Boiserie Italia’s history begins in the 60’s in Cantù as a small family-run reality, in the heart of the furniture industry, in Brianza. Throughout the years the Company has become the full expression of the “Made in Italy” luxury concept, offering something truly special, unique and timeless.

Thanks to its master craftsmen the art of  wood manufacturing allows to create custom made wonderful pieces of art, appreciated and enhanced by a meticulous care in the handmade details.

In 2001 Alessandro Bianchi decided to give a more dynamic and creative mark to his ideas, superbly merging comfort and luxury  with originality and technology. As a result of the fortunate partnership with Simona Orsenigo the brand Boiserie Italia was founded, giving birth to a process of growth and expansion into the International markets.

The meeting with Simona gave Alessandro the opportunity to create a winning fusion of the artisan experience, passed down from generation to generation, and a more technological and international view.

Thanks to this successful cooperation, Boiserie Italia was able to distinguish itself in excellence and uniqueness in the luxury furniture industry.

The first collections created were prestigious boiseries characterized by gorgeous carving techniques inspired by original French models.  The meticulous attention to details and beauty attracted the attention of experts in this line of business.

Since then the Company has started its trade expansion and, in collaboration with the best craftsmen and skilled international designers, it was able to work on more and more complex and luxury projects, such as valuable private residences, villas and palaces all over the world. Every piece of furniture is created and assembled with great care and exquisite artisan skill. Manual skills supported by innovation and cutting-edge technology made Boiserie Italia recognized as the boutique of the Made in Italy luxury furniture on the international market.

Boiserie Italia is today considered as one of the most prestigious realities in the luxury furniture industry in Brianza. Besides its classical Boiseries Collections and its Contract Division, which maintains their historical artisan features, the Company has diversified its production and has launched different product lines, in order to satisfy all customers’ needs and complete its collections: B-Glam Glamorous Furniture (Living, Dining and Bedding), The Great Italian Kitchen, Doors Desire.

The design of classical custom-made interiors, together with the search for new materials and working techniques, enables BI to offer innovative, cutting-edge solutions, looking at the future and yet learning from the past. A proven experience together with exclusive ideas and challenging projects are a formidable drive to always improve the Company goals for the future.

The Company’s mission and philosophy always focus on fully interpreting and satisfying customer’s needs, offering custom-made solutions based on innovation and search for new materials and technologies. For Boiserie Italia to achieve the impossible is possible: this is the idea that has guided and motivated Boiserie Italia’s day to day actions and decisions over the years.