The boiserie has always been synonymous of luxury, power and grandeur in the world. It embodies the desire to be surrounded by the charming creativity of our Italian Architects, who create and study opulent yet functional furnishings, offering a complete turnkey service: amazing boiserie coverings, kitchens, doors and tailor-made furniture, splendid floorings, beautiful plaster decorations, majestic combinations of textile  accessories as curtains and carpets.  Everything that is needed to make a residence magnificent and sumptuous.

Boiserie Italia has always furnished the
fabulous houses of the  wealthiest and most demanding clients. All Boiserie Italia’s creations are exclusively made on personal projects, the customer here can express  wishes which can come true, feeling pampered and accompanied in the path that sees him as the sole and unique protagonist.

Boiserie Italia’s strength is its dynamic staff, with experienced  know-how in custom-made furniture production, and a working method that ensures that all the process phases are carefully carried out, from the design to the production and dispatch, assuring on-site assistance throughout the whole construction of the building as well as the final assembly.








Our creations are entirely hand-finished by skilled craftsmen. There are several manual steps to make the finishings give texture and volume to our creations.
Each customer chooses his personal colour and type of finishing, from simple lacquerings, to special patina treatments and tempera finishes, even antiqued, with different kinds of gilding and silvering.


To complete our turnkey service, our team of highly qualified technicians is available for the last and most important phase of our work: the assembling.
It is only with a good fitting that you will get the best results.
We send our staff wherever they are needed in order to excellently complete our supplies.

Our architects are always available for any assistance required on site, from the first phase of construction of the residence throughout the entire duration of the works, from the initial survey to the final assembly stage.


12-17 April 2016 - Milan



We’ll be pleased to have you as our guest at our stand in Milan.

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Every single project is born out of an idea aiming at creating a style that reflects the personality of each client who thus feels like having his monogram engraved on his exclusive project.

Our architects create and design everything concerning interior decoration, with the glitzy “Made ​​in Italy” taste, always refined and elegant: the study of symmetries of spaces in harmony with the architectural style of the structure and the client's individual needs, always being the only protagonist of his project.

The inspirations come from a continuous research in art history, drawing from the grand  palaces in Italy and in the world,  where boiserie is a fundamental element and status-symbol of wealth and might.
Our achievement is to develop  projects that are always original and unique, successfully combining grandeur with functionality, comfort, and cutting-edge technology.

A good project is always the first important step to achieve a flawless result.

Covering all areas with sumptuosity, elegance and valuable taste. Creating unparalleled and personal ambiences, respecting the taste of the client who wants and can have the utmost luxury.

Harmonious atmospheres where everything is integratd, from boiserie coverings, to all the cabinets, doors and kitchens.

All spaces are enlivened by colours so that everything matches perfectly with the refined furniture also designed and thought to be unique and exclusive. Important parts are also the decorations of floors and ceilings which play a vital role in making the ambience even more sophisticated.

Great care is given to the choice of the fabrics that give life and colour, from curtains and carpets to textile accessories, which are also essential parts to create magnificent and chic atmospheres.

Only the most scrupulous craftsmanship, exclusively made in Italy, knows how to give life to such sophisticated and refined products, using the finest and high quality tested materials, paying meticulous attention to details and shapes, colours and finishings, flawlessly matching in a perfect and sublime combination of creative flair and refinement.

The production department is in the forefront: CNC machines for the cutting and preparation of panels and furniture structures combined with the basic manual skills of our master craftsmen cabinetmakers for the processing of carvings and decorations that characterize our beautiful products.

The thorough quality control of the materials and of all production stage processes  guarantees  a high level final product.

The most important step is the assembly of all the rooms prior to finishing.  This phase provides the last control of all measures and the preparation for the final assembly.

Not to be neglected is moreover the special attention given to our packaging system: every element is properly packed with maximum protection, to ensure total safety during transport.

Making a piece of furniture really valuable thanks to unmatchable painted decorations, shaped ​​by the expert hands of our professional painters and decorators.
Every detail is meticulously handled  as an exclusive piece of art. Here the furniture comes to life and is made precious to blend in perfect harmony with the atmosphere that surrounds it.


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